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Access Control

VisiTrac enables pedestrian and vehicle visitors information to a residential of business complex to be captured and stored electronically.


VisiTrac provides an intercom functionality to allow guards to easily contact residents or tenants when they have visitors, or for any reason


VisiTrac provides a guards clocking solution, allowing for guards to do clocking rounds for any number of clocking points placed strategically around the complex.

Occurence Book

The VisiTrac Occurrence Book is used by guards and supervisors to captures occurrences electronically.

Panic Button Alert

VisiTrac provides means for guards to alert any number of people when they are in distress. By pressing a button on the VisiTrac App, VisiTrac sends SMSes and emails to the specified recipients, that includes the location of the guards.

Vehicle Blacklisting

VisiTrac allows for vehicles to be blacklisted from entering the complex. A vehicle is blacklisted by its number plate.


VisiTrac provides guards with the ability to easily use the VisiTrac App to report incidents (e.g. fighting, parking in wrong bays, unruly behavior, etc), faults (e.g. broken structures that need repair, lights that are not working, etc) and general information (e.g. contractors having completed work, etc)

Residents Information Management

VisiTrac can be used to manage information about residents in a residential complex, or tenants in a business complex, such as all residents in the complex, and which units they reside in, vehicles that are owned by each unit, etc

Access Stickers Issuance Management

Stickers attached to the vehicle windscreen are used in some complexes to enable guards to identify whether the vehicle belongs to the complex or not,. VisiTrac keeps a record of which units received stickers, how many stickers each unit received, when the stickers were received by each unit and which units haven’t received stickers

Bulk SMS

VisiTrac provides the ability to send bulk SMSes to all residents in a residential complex or all tenants in a business complex.

Emergency Contacts

Based on where the residential or business complex is located, VisiTrac maintains a list of emergency services contact details for the area, allowing guards to easily reach for any emergency services when needed.

Parcel Deliveries And Collections

When a parcel is delivered for a resident in the complex, and that resident is not available to collect it at that time for any reason, the parcel can be left with the guards, and booked in VisiTrac.


VisiTrac creates and maintains timesheets information, that includes, guard’s name, site, date and time in for shift, date and time out from shift and total number of hours

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