Access Control

Access Control

VisiTrac enables pedestrian and vehicle visitors information to a residential or business complex to be captured and stored electronically. The information is captured from trusted sources, such as from the vehicle’s license disc. Visitors information is sent in daily reports, that includes the unit being visited, the time of visit, and well as the make and registration number of the vehicle. The visitors information is also searchable and downloadable anytime from the VisiTrac web viewer.

Capture visitors information from trusted sources

Search and download visitors information anytime from the VisiTrac web viewer

Setup and Usage

It's as easy as 1-2-3

  1. Sign up for the VisiTrac Access Control service
  2. Guards scan visitors to the complex
  3. Receive daily reports and access visitors information online
From R750 / month
  • Once-Off Setup: R 3 500

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+27(0) 83 681 8211
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