Access Stickers Issuance Management

Access Stickers Issuance Management

Stickers attached to the vehicle windscreen are used in some complexes to enable guards to identify whether the vehicle belongs to the complex or not. VisiTrac keeps a record of which units received stickers, how many stickers each unit received, when the stickers were received by each unit and which units haven’t received stickers. VisiTrac also maintains an account of the total number of stickers that were received, total number that was issued, and how many stickers should be left, to ensure that access stickers don’t land in the wrong hands

Maintain records of who received stickers and who hasn’t received

Download stickers issuance report anytime

Setup and Usage

It's as easy as 1-2-3

  1. Print stickers for distribution
  2. Load the total number of printed stickers on VisiTrac
  3. Let VisiTrac track and manage the numbers on every issuance
  • Free with any VisiTrac service

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