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VisiTrac can be used to manage parcels left with guards when a resident is not available to collect. When a parcel is received by the guards, they book it on VisiTrac, including taking an image of that parcel. VisiTrac will send an SMS to the resident that they have a parcel left in the guard house. The resident can collect the parcel by providing any form of identification, that is stored on VisiTrac to positively identify who collected the parcel.

Notify the resident when they have a parcel left with the guards

Allow residents never to miss their parcel deliveries

Setup and Usage

It's as easy as 1-2-3

  1. Sign up for the VisiTrac Parcel Deliveries and Collections service
  2. Guards capture parcels deliveries and collections electronically on the VisiTrac App
  3. View parcels deliveries and collections anytime from the VisiTrac web viewer
R 450 / month
  • Once-Off Setup: R 1 500

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