Clocking System

Clocking System

Our patrol clocking system allows for security officers to tag clocking points placed strategically around a site as they patrol, so that the patrols they make can be monitored.

The system sends daily email reports for all the patrols made during the day to any nominated recipients

The system reminds the security officers by alarm at every patrol interval

If the electronic OB is used, patrol information is automatically added as OB entries to the OB Book

The system can send email alerts when patrols have not started after a certain time

Depending on the expected patrol completion time, the system can send email alerts when the patrol is not completed after the expected time

Watch how the VisiTrac Patrol Clocking system works

Watch how the VisiTrac OB Book Works

Why You Should Consider our Clocking System

  1. Our Guards Patrol Clocking System makes it easy to have visibility and monitor the patrols the guards make anytime, and from anywhere.
  2. Any obscure areas on the site will be regularly checked by putting clocking points in those areas.
  3. Any abnormalities discovered during the patrols can easily be communicated by email to anyone.
From R550 / month

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