VisiTrac provides a functionality to allow guards to easily contact residents or tenants when they have visitors, or for any reason. Up to 3 numbers are storable per unit, and can be updated anytime from the VisiTrac App or from the Web Viewer. When a new resident is captured, or a resident moves out, the information is automatically updated.

Call reports are viewable and downloadable anytime

Contact details are easily updatable from the VisiTrac App or Web Viewer

Setup and Usage

It's as easy as 1-2-3

  1. Sign up for the VisiTrac Intercom service
  2. Capture resident names and their contact information
  3. The intercom is ready for use
From R550 / month
  • Once-Off Setup: R 2 500

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+27(0) 83 681 8211
+27(0) 81 816 9744


+27(0) 83 681 8211
+27(0) 81 816 9744


8 Leadwood St, Winchester Hills, Johannesburg


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